Sunday, March 27, 2011


I searched high and wide
At first loathe to deride
A Prime Minister ‘Missing in Action’
But she didn’t appear
She was out of here
Not to be involved in such dissatisfaction

What weakness she shows
Like Rudd, she never goes
Where she may be exposed to bad news
It’s really no shock
She hid under a rock
As Labor voters vented their abuse

Where did she enshroud
To avoid the maddening crowd?
Who vented their spleen at the cost of living
I looked for her face
All over the place
Amongst the crowd who were most unforgiving

She couldn’t be found
She’d gone underground
So weak and so lacking in bravery
Her leadership lacks
Hiding behind her new tax
A tax so unfair and unsavory

Where were you Jules?
Treating us all like fools
Afraid to be aligned with such a bad Labor day
She was in the foetal position
Shocked by the admonition
Our gutless leader was indeed M.I.A.

During the NSW campaign
Julia announced her tax pain
And staked her reputation thereon
But after such sound rejection
She sensed the disaffection
And like a puff of smoke, she was gone

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