Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Gillard doesn't get it, Australians don’t want a new tax
If Labor goes through with this impost they’re bound to get the axe

Families are already struggling with the rising cost of living
And Labor’s plans for a new tax are a source of much misgiving

Labor can’t sell this turkey no matter how hard they try
It’s reckless and unnecessary and it’s based upon a lie

It’ll put upward pressure on prices of petrol and electricity
Indeed Labor’s doomed carbon tax is generating much toxicity

This entire episode is based upon untruths and dodgy science
But Labor’s hit a brick wall thanks to the people's sanity and defiance

The people have clearly rejected this farcical grab for cash
And their 30% approval shows people reject this Labor trash

Labor’s destroyed the budget and Gillard has blatantly lied
And as she schmoozes up to Obama, she can run but she can’t hide

If Labor had shown a tendancy towards fiscal rectitude and trust
Maybe voters wouldn’t be so angry and displaying their disgust

But with so many billions wasted on thought bubbles and wasted schemes
Labor says they can win the argument?! Yeah right! In their delusional dreams

Nobody likes a liar, and Gillard reeks of desperation
In her attempts to appease the Greens and balance the books of the nation

So once again the Labor Party has lied and cheated to the folks
And been exposed as the party that perpetuates this hoax

We must maintain the passion and expose the lies and misinformation
And if we maintain logic and reason we’ll be rid of this Labor abomination

Labor simply cannot continue to treat us all with such disdain
And continue to impose upon us so much angst, anger and pain

Gillard is oblivious to her dishonesty and her lies
Maybe her plummeting approval will make her realise

She’s causing pain, she’s incompetent, she lacks gravitas & class
And with any luck, before too long, she’ll be out on her fat arse!

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