Saturday, March 26, 2011

R.I.P. N.S.W. A.L.P.

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Will the NSW Labor massacre send a message
To power brokers, both Federal and New South Wales?
That the spin & lies & focus group obsession
Has seen our quality of life run off the rails

Will Bruce Hawker ever get to understanding
That Australians aren’t as stupid as he thinks
The average person in the street hates being swindled
And that the Labor brand well and truly stinks

Will Mark Arbib stop playing stupid games now?
Pretending he’s a kingmaker wielding power!
Walking aimlessly around the corridors of parliament
All the while thinking he’s in the ivory tower

Kristina Keneally looks good on the television
But she’s just a mouthpiece for a rotting smelly corpse
As the pundits try to play down Labor’s election thrashing
Their last remaining shred of credibility warps

To listen to Joe Tripodi distort the numbers
And say that O’Farrell hasn’t received a strong endorsement
If you ever need a reminder at what’s wrong with this mob
His comments serve as a positive reinforcement

73% of voters nominated this government’s incompetence
And the cost of living for them voting for the coalition
But Tony Burke says this is no reflection on Federal Labor
He’s yet another useless & delusional Labor politician

Frank Sartor tries to minimise the consequences
Of a 20%+ swing against this scandalous mob
Try telling that to the 27 Labor sitting members
Who’ll wake up this morning looking for a new job

There’s Bruce Hawker on my TV talking drivel
Saying for Labor it’ll be a particularly tough night
Here’s a bitter twisted man served a huge lesson
A man who thinks Labor power is a preemptive right

Hawker's trying to blame the media for the loss
And Joel Fitzgibbon and Tripodi vehemently agree
There's nothing quite so sad and degrading
There's none so blind as those who will not see

It’s taken 16 years for NSW people to wake up
And get rid of a party riddled with ineptness
67% of voters are completely dissatisfied
At a party so wasteful, scandalous and reckless

So it’s goodbye to the NSW Labor Party
To oblivion you’re sentenced for at least a dozen years
It’s like being told that you’ve been cured of cancer
And the feeling of doom & despair just disappears

The ALP right faction which has been decimated
The faction which gave us Plibersek, Emerson & Burke
I can tolerate some of them, but Craig Emerson?
I long to rid ourselves of that obnoxious jerk

But I digress momentarily from the topic at hand
That being the election result from our southern neighbor
The longest soap opera in political history is over
As we witness the continued decline of all things Labor

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