Monday, March 21, 2011


They brought him down kicking and screaming
A man with few characteristics redeeming
Angry and rude and disrespectful
Ignorant, arrogant, uncivil and neglectful

A knife in the shoulder and an axe in the back
An arrow in the spine as his backbone cracks
A sword through the trapezius, a stab in the neck
He falls to his knees, he’s a tragic wreck

Behind the dying corpse stands a redheaded ghoul
“Die quietly will you, you obnoxious fool”
As she reached for another lance to impale
“And once you’re gone I’ll inherit the holy grail”.

As he gasps for his last breath, his pulse very weak
He looks up with a gasp “Please Julia, may I speak?
You’ve killed me off with savage and cruel complicity
But what will you do about programmic specificity”?!

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