Friday, March 25, 2011


Back in the 70’s the hippies were distressed
“This is serious man, we’re certainly not fooling”
Mankind was killing the globe with its’ reckless living
And was responsible for dangerous “Global Cooling”

Next they said that “Acid Rain” is going to kill us
It’ll be the end of the entire human race
The acid in the rain is toxic and poisonous
It’ll burn your skin and it’ll melt your face

The 20th century is just about to finish
A new century to be welcomed by our nation
But planes will fall out of the sky & millions will die
The “Millennium Bug” will destroy a generation

“Bird Flu” will spell the end of civilisation
H1N1 will wipe out the entire species
Just don’t go near a feathered vertebrate
And for God’s sake don’t step on its’ faeces

“Genetically Modified” food will make you sick
And you really shouldn’t vaccinate your kids
“Mad Cow Disease” will make you go quite bonkers
The “Hole in the Ozone” puts humanity on the skids

“SARS” will wreak fatal havoc throughout Asia
“West Nile Virus” will kill millions if infected
But like most scare tactics with political motivation
The profit$ of doom’s predictions were confected

The “Global Warming” scare campaign has momentum
As the pigs line up with their snouts in the trough
But if and when the scientists stop getting bankrolled
They’ll very quickly lose interest and drop off

More the fool you if you believe the scare tactics
If you allow yourself to be subject to this fright
You’d never go outside, and you’d be constantly horrified
That the sky will fall in as you sleep tonight

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