Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Come on Tony, lift your game, the win’s there for the taking
You’re very close to proving you’re a Prime Minister in the making

But something’s missing, not quite right, you must take the next step
And prove to the doubting Thomas’s that you are their best bet

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan, I think you’ve been superb
But sadly your ‘disapproval’ rating continues to perturb

The voters know Labor is toxic, and Gillard’s a dishonest person
And if they stick with this useless mob, things will only worsen

You’ve secured your Conservative base, and a fine job you’ve done of that
But it’s time to show the rest of them exactly where you’re at

Let’s see some strong initiatives, leave Labor second-guessing
If you can expose them for their weaknesses, it will be a great blessing

Remind the folks of all the waste, the billions recklessly blown
Then demonstrate your positive plans, make the economy your own

Expose Wayne Swan and demonstrate the economic illiterate he’s been
Recall the waste, the bungled plans, the worse management we’ve seen

Then offer your positive alternatives, your plans to rebuilt the budget
Release the details to the voting public, allow them all to judge it

They’re looking to be convinced, they’re longing for a viable choice
Forget the negatives & bitching Tone, it’s time to be a positive voice

Labor’s been riddled with broken promises and failed implementation
Step up Tony, we need a leader to restore pride to our great nation

It’s really hard to comprehend how far we’ve slumped in just 4 years
As this Labor Government has proved to be the sum of all our fears

But there’s more to being viable than simply pointing out their flaws
Take a stand Tone, be the man Tone, rise up to the cause

Get your A-team mobilised crafting policies and creative solutions
To get our great nation firing again, not bogged down in retributions

The blinkered media does you no favours with their terribly biased reporting
But with a positive policy plan the doubters will soon be yours supporting

A positive agenda from the coalition is the recipe for success
And when asked if they approve of Tony Abbott, they’ll be quick to answer ‘YES’

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  1. They say plagiarism is the highest form of flattery, but if you want to flatter me by using my caricature to illustrate your blog, would you mind providing a credit and link?


    Andy Dolphin