Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Thanks to a demolished budget and burgeoning debt
Gillard & Swan have come up with their best plan yet
Using their magnificent understanding of the economies of scale
They’ve decided to tax the air you exhale

“This new tax is brilliant, it’ll balance the books”
Says an excitable Swan with one of his vacant looks
“Everybody breathes so they’ll have to pay this tax”
He doesn’t give a damn about cost of living impacts

It’ll give him the revenue required to give his life purpose
For his delusional promise to return the budget to surplus
While he’s busy spending like a mad drunken sailor
He tries to balance the books but he’s an abysmal failure

“A brilliant new tax Wayne, this plan’s a no brainer”
An appropriate term for our treasury entertainer
Julia’s most impressed that she can impress the Greens
And try to balance the budget through her dishonest means

She’s a liar, a hypocrite, a vacuous person
And with this tax in place our living standards will worsen
But she’s a slave to Bob Brown and desperate to succeed
So she buckles and weakens and gives Brown what he needs

“CO2 is deadly” she says “An evil pollution”
And the liar has revealed her brilliant solution
According to Gillard it’s a tax or it’s goodbye
So please don’t exhale or we’re all gonna die!

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