Sunday, March 20, 2011


Julia goes about her business
Of destruction with great ease
But if you lay down with dogs
You will get up with fleas

She’s lay down with dogs
Of the Green variety
Now she’s paying a high price
For her impropriety

Losing votes to the left
The Greens set Labor’s order of business
Leaking votes to the right
As the latest Newspoll does bear witness

She’s wedged herself in between
A rock and a hard place
The voting public scratch their heads
A bemused look on their collective face

Our PM has lost her way
Her party is disintegrating
The backflips, falls, manouvring
More attuned to roller skating

Her latest attempt to unwedge herself
Has come in two parts this past week
Only serving to reinforce
That she’s insipid, lost and weak

She changes tack to suit the polls
Whatever the latest focus group exposes
But her lies and inconsistencies
Are right under our noses

First she forms a coalition
With the loonie leftie Greens
But as that goes quickly pear shaped
She calls them a party of extremes

Trying to distance herself from them
She’s now aware of her fatal plight
She brands them extremists
And then moves quickly to the right

Now she brands herself conservative*
When it comes to social matters
Such as euthanasia & gay marriage
Her credentials are in tatters

She’s been forced to renege upon
Her past socialist beliefs
And she expects us all to believe
She’s turned over a new leaf?!

Julia, you chose your path
Now the Greens are giving you a shellaking
And they’ve led you on a merry dance
And now you’re frantically backtracking

But you can’t treat us all with such disdain
Just because Bob Brown’s tied you in knots
You’re just another dishonest Laborite
And a leopard never changes its spots

*The article in question:

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