Sunday, March 13, 2011


Julia Gillard, Carbon Tax Liar*
Says one thing then breaks her word
Proving the old adage true
You can try but you can’t polish a turd

Julia Gillard, disloyal deputy
Knifed her leader in the back
Been in government for just 3 ½ years
Just how much debt can her government wrack?

Julia Gillard, failed Prime Minister
She’s taken Labor’s approval to record lows
Just how long before she’s gone?
Only faceless men and the odd unionist knows

Julia Gillard, one of the gang of four
Who presided over many failed & wasteful plans
Quickly making our economy so bad
We’ll soon look with envy at Kazakhstan’s!

Julia Gillard, Education Minister
Implementer of the BER
After her disgraceful mismanagement of that farce
We should’ve been saying ‘Au Revoir’

Julia Gillard, great survivor
Despite many failures she doesn’t get the sack
Instead she rides Rudd’s coattails to the top
Then betrays him & stabs him in the back

Julia Gillard, Carbon Tax Liar
A disgrace to the office of PM
She’s lost the goodwill of the Australian people
And will never be trusted ever again

*"There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead".

1 comment:

  1. We've had a similar thing over here in England with university tuition fees.

    Personally I'd make a political manifesto a legally-binding document and if the politicians don't abide by its terms...lock 'em up until the next general election.