Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All I need is the air that you breathe

What has happened to our great country
In the past 1200 days?
Since Labor swept into power
And went about their destructive ways

With an economy the envy of the world
And a budget in tip-top shape
It wasn’t long before the Labor vultures
Began to pillage and rape

Using the guise of the GFC
To justify their reckless spending
Rudd & Gillard stirred up a frenzy
“We’ll save you, as the world is ending”

Sending out $900 cheques in the mail
And putting pink batts in people’s ceilings
School halls costing millions of dollars
Irresponsible and irrational dealings

Before you knew it the surplus was spent
And we’d spiralled into billions of debt
Then it was time for Labor to start taxing again
“Spend & tax”: it’s a sure-fire Labor bet

Rudd’s head rolled ,as Gillard took over
The house of cards was falling apart
Rudd was ‘all talk no action’
And made spin & lies a work of art

But a change of leader did not disguise
The incompetence and the waste
Gillard, a proven incompetent hack,
And a champion of bad taste

With Bob Brown by her side
His hand firmly adjusting her strings
These idiots would only be happy if humans are extinct
Oh the insanity this government brings

How do they recover billions of wasted dollars
Before the electorate starts to seethe?
They look for new options to tax people:
"Let’s tax the air that you breathe"

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