Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The people are angry Ms Gillard

Get into the real world, Ms Gillard
And stop putting pressures on the cost of living
Watching you systematically destroy our economy
Is a source of great misgiving

Already cost-of-living pressures are escalating
Under this irrational Labor dominion
Get your head out of the ground ignoramus
And sense the mood and the public opinion

Trying to justify this great big new tax
As the “responsible thing to do”
Is dishonest and cynical and misleading
And respresents a deluded point of view

Just because you cannot balance your books
And you’ve completely destoyed the budget
Doesn’t give you a mandate to tax us more
You’re no more than Bob Brown’s duteous puppet

So as you look down your nose at detractors
Know this: the people are angry, you’ll see
And your dishonest and irrational tax
Won’t decrease temperatures by a single degree

So you can try to deflect the attention
Away from your own incoherent behaviour
By branding the Liberals as “racist” and “appalling”
But the jaundiced media won’t be your saviour

Because you’ve lied to the people who matter
The electorate who’ll decide your fate
They’re the ones who will send you packing
Because they’re shocked, confused and irate

And as you career down the path of stupidity
With this irrational plan for CO2 reduction
All you’ll witness with a dishonest new tax
Is your very own career destruction

Yet another new tax from Labor
That’s 13 new taxes in just 1200 days
Such wasteful and amateurish governance
Leading to much anxiety, ire and malaise

The people are angry Ms Gillard
Because you’ve already wasted so much
And your status as a liar and spin merchant
Remains firmly intact, untouched

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  1. That red symbol on joo LIER should be a RED TARGET..........