Monday, March 21, 2011


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More boats are arriving unchecked
With many an illegal immigrant
Overcrowding and lengthy detention
Anger and violence is most imminent

A government’s lost control of our borders
And the boats keep on coming unchecked
An Armada will come now the weather’s improved
The Australian spirit has been wrecked

Australians welcome our immigrant friends
But there are proper channels to be obeyed
But the Labor lovies weakened the laws
And people smugglers resume their trade

Gillard and Bowen remain in denial
Allowing their insipid laws to be exploited
Hundreds of innocent lives lost as sea
Thanks to yet another Labor policy maladroited

Christmas Island locals are angry
And detainees are very irate
But for Labor it’s just a small inconvenience
As they pursue their desired welfare state

“Bring them in, the more the merrier”
The bleeding hearts are absolutely glowing
But a 400 bed detention centre
Is full and dangerously overflowing

This government continues to demonstrate
A complete and utter lack of policy skills
And in this case their stupidity and ignorance
Has created a disastrous policy that kills

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