Sunday, March 27, 2011


Call the cops, alert the press, this is massive news
There’s been a massacre of sorts, NSW is disabused
After the success of Baillieu, we now have Barry O’Farrell
As Labor Governments nationwide are bent over a barrel

There’s been a massive bloodbath just across the border
The result of 16 years of complete Labor disorder
A party wracked with scandal is sent embarrassingly packing
A party with a black heart and a soul sadly lacking

The people sent a message, a message loud and clear
A message you can only hope Gillard & Swan will hear
We don’t like spin & lies & rorts & repeated poor behaviour
A strong and united coalition is our electoral saviour

The vast majority of voters nominated the rising cost of living
As the reason why they were so mad, so completely unforgiving
So as Gillard tries to introduce her dishonest Carbon Tax
She must reassess her position due to cost of living impacts

If she goes ahead with this mad plan she’s signing her death warrant
This is a tax on the air we breathe, a tax plainly abhorrent
The madness known as ‘Climate Change’ is such a poisoned chalice
But the maddest way to act on it is with unfairness and malice

This is an impost on us all with more cost of living pressures
And to see the fall of another Labor mob is one of life’s true pleasures
The people of NSW have sent Gillard a message, loud and clear
If you introduce this stupid tax, you’ll be out of here!

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  1. Dennis Shanahan in today's 'The Australian':