Wednesday, March 30, 2011


She steps up to bat in the bottom of the eighth
Trying to get her team home on sheer blind faith
Can she bring home the bacon? Can she win this game?
She needs 3 home runs to be in the Hall of Fame

Here’s the first pitch, I can see her knees trembling
And she’s had a big swing with the “People’s Assembly”
This is her solution to the Climate Change debate
But she struck out, she’s swinging like a rusty old gate

Despite her first strike she now looks more relaxed
She winds up, eyes light up, “There’ll be no Carbon Tax”
The crowd are excited, she’s feeling the love
But the balls whizzes past her into the catcher’s glove

The pressures on with 2 strikes, she can’t afford any more
Her next attempt is a “Processing centre in East Timor”
There’s a buzz amongst the fans as they all scream and shout
But it’s a third strike, 3 misses, it’s over “YOU’RE OUT”!

She traipses off sadly, a most abject failure
She was carrying the hopes of all of Australia
But her attempted ‘home runs’ were pathetic tries
3 promises, 3 failures, 3 more Gillard lies

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