Friday, March 11, 2011


The Australian Labor Party dream is over
The Light on the Hill* is quickly expiring
Ben Chifley would be turning in his grave
As his once great party is now so uninspiring

When the party was formed in 1891
The brave men under the ‘Tree of Knowledge’
Could not have possible envisaged the mess of today
But even they would have to acknowledge

That their dream of a party for workers
And of a fair go for every Australian
Has been destroyed by the current ALP
And such values now seem foreign and alien

The once-great ALP is fractured
At it’s very heart is a rotting core
Former Prime Minister’s and great Labor men
Hate what’s come of the party they adore

Bob Hawke is left scratching his head
As his legacy has been completely destroyed
From a party of courage and positive thoughts
Labor is now completely bravery devoid

Paul Keating, love him or loathe him
At least he led with passion and vision
Unlike this incompetent government
Which is wrought with inertia and indecision

As for any decision they do make these days
Thoughtless and wasteful is the norm
So many billions of dollars pissed against the wall
All in the name of ‘reform’

The modern Labor bunkum started 4 years ago
When a new PM refused to follow Labor tradition
The people elected a narcissistic man named Kevin
And he set about on a destructive and failed expedition

His rudeness and intolerance knew no limits
As he pressed ahead with his own irrational agenda
But he eventually ran out of allies & friends
And didn’t get to contest a second referenda

His ‘loyal’ deputy usurped him in a coup
As the rotten core of Labor was flagrantly exposed
“Socially progressive” ideas and “a fair go for all”?
No: the faceless men simply thumbed their nose

Gillard pounced with the backing of unions
And planted a knife in Kevin’s back
She’d lied to his face and deposed the PM
And Abbott and the Liberals went on the attack

Abbott highlighted what a farce this government is
Exposing the incompetence in which Labor is mired
No wonder the mood of the nation’s so dark+
It’s because the ‘Light on the Hill’ has expired

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