Monday, March 7, 2011


Less than 1 in 3 Australians approve of this useless mob*
I’m surprised their approval’s still that high after their woeful job
Of trying to manage our economy for the past 1200 days
Now we’re all lumbered with massive debt and an incurable malaise

A Prime Minister so deceitful she plotted & knifed her boss
Although to be perfectly truthful, that moron really was no loss
But it goes to the lack of character and heartlessness of the witch
And typifies the Labor Party, a habit of behaviour crude & kitsch

Since November 2007, just 40 months ago,
Who would have believed that things could so quickly sink so low?
Despite a mining boom offering riches and keeping our economy afloat
The budget’s blown, $182 billion debt** - and that’s not all she wrote!

Our borders are unprotected as asylum seekers arrive unchecked
Just more poor Labor policy, so thoughtless and inept
We never see strong Labor policy, nothing bold or avante-garde
They just let them come then build detention centres in our own backyard

Cost of living pressures are rising, family budgets under pressure
But all we get is our lame-brained Treasurer grinning like a Cheshire
Making excuses, talking drivel, blaming everything on Abbott
Swan’s ability to act like a goose is an insufferable habit

We know the many failures bought to us by Gillard & her hacks
Fuel & Grocery Watch, BER, Pink Batts and the bungled mining tax
They’ve destroyed the balanced budget and sent us billions into debt
And their newest brainwave, the ‘Carbon Tax’ is their greatest blunder yet

So it’s really little wonder that Labor’s support has crashed and burned
But a 30% approval rating is still too high as far as I’m concerned
Only rusted on Labor lovies could possibly support this inept rabble
And make any sense of all the lies, the mistakes and psychobabble

Being dictated to by the Greens, a party of just 15% support
Our Federal Parliament now resembles a shambolic Kangaroo Court
With Greens and Independents joining up with Gillard’s useless team
One day soon I hope to wake and see it’s all just been a bad dream

Alas, this is not a dream, more like a nightmare of grand proportions
As we’re forced to put up with all the lies, the backflips and distortions
Consumer confidence is shattered, families unable to pay the bills
And now we’ve been lumbered with another tax, they’re treating us like dills

But we will not be silenced by loonie lefties and their warped social agenda
It’s time to bring on the next election: it’s time to take this to a referenda
And the result will reverberate strongly through workplaces, houses and schools
There’s just one thing left to say to Gillard & Labor: It’s ‘Adios’, you useless fools!

* 8th March 2011:
Shows Labor primary vote at 30%, down 6% in the past 2 weeks since the 'Carbon Tax' was announced.
The Coalition primary vote is at 45%, up 4%.
On a 2PP rating, the Coalition leads Labor 54%-46%.

** 7th March 2011:
Total Commonwealth Government Securities on Issue $182.8 billion

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