Friday, March 18, 2011


The Ups & Downs of a Conservative Voter

One minute I’m up, the next minute I’m down
One moment a smile, the next a big frown
I ain’t got much money but I’ve got a great job
But I’m lumbered with this useless Labor mob

I’m fit as a fiddle but I’ve got aches in my bones
I’ll listen to Mozart and The Rolling Stones
Never broken the law but I’ve bent a few rules
But I’m stuck with these hopeless ALP fools

I’m loving my life even though I’ve got pressures
A spring in my step but bogged down by stresses
20-20 vision but I still need my glasses
But I’m forced to endure these Labor jackasses

I’m up with the fashion but still love my flares
The sweetest of dreams and the worst of nightmares
Confident and brash, then cut down to size
And I have to put up with Labor’s constant lies

Money in the bank but my Mastercard is maxed out
Worried about floods and concerned about the drought
I love a good laugh but can cry like a baby
And Labor’s screwed everything, and that’s not a maybe

I’m as poor as a beggar yet gamble like a high roller
Rational and sound yet depressed and bipolar
In perfect health yet suffering from incontinence
I shake my head in disgust at Labor’s incompetence

I’m as brave as a lion yet timid as a mouse
I’ll party all night or stay locked away in my house
I’ll watch all 'The Sopranos', then the box-set of 'Glee'
And this is the worst government I will ever see

I love black & white movies and the new 3D sensation
I respect honesty and despise obfuscation
But one thing that remains completely the same
Is the waste and incompetence from Julia & Wayne

I’m as free as a bird but a slave to restrictions
Such a simple life but so many contradictions
But the one constant in my life since Howard got booted
Is the annoyance of watching my country get rooted

The ups & downs of Labor ‘governing’ this place
Leave me with a permanent happy-sad face
The yin and yang of my every existence
I fight madly against with passive resistance

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  1. This poem is so unbelieving incredible, I don't think any words can do justice to it! Excellent choice of words, really made me feel each line.