Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The latest Newspoll shows Gillard’s on the nose
There’s really no great surprise there I suppose
But what really shocked and surprised us all
Was the extraordinary depth of Gillard’s fall

It wasn’t just that her approval dropped 11 points
But the real issue for Labor that shocks & disappoints
Is that the man she replaced with a plot evil & sinister
Is actually a preferred choice as Prime Minister

How bad is she going when Rudd is preferred?
It’s astounding to think people prefer that inept nerd
A man so feckless his own party gave him the chop
But now the rusted on lefties would gladly do a swap

They’d take Rudd back despite many a shortcoming
They forgive all of his faults, it’s really mind-numbing
That they’d welcome that fool, that incompetent trier
In preference to Gillard, the bare-faced liar

Just how low could our government possibly fall?
When they can’t agree who is the least worst of all
A man so inept he failed at everything he tried
Or a woman who nearly squeezed out a tear when she ‘cried’

So while the light on the hill slowly burns out
Don’t be fooled by the polls, let there be no doubt
That Rudd’s ‘popularity’ is just distorted folklore
Don’t forget what happened last year on June 24

His own party were fed up with Rudd’s constant failure
He’d quickly become an embarrassment to all of Australia
And in last year’s election the voters showed what they meant
When in Queensland there was a swing against Labor of 9.3% (refer chart below)

In Rudd’s own seat he suffered a major backlash
A big swing against him saw his perceived popularity crash
And though he lied through his teeth at his victory speech*
All credibility was gone, it was too late to beseech

This farce continues to play out on TV and in papers
The Labor Party is like an episode of comedy capers
And we’re forced to put up with constant Labor upheavels
It’s just a question of who is lesser of two evils?

The fact is that they’re both responsible for much volatility
And both have clearly been promoted beyond their capability
Rudd / Gillard? Gillard / Rudd? It’s like asking old timers
“What would you prefer: Incontinence or Alzheimer’s”?!

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