Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ever wondered what would happen
If a person lost track of the truth?
If everything he said was a lie,
Inaccurate and uncouth?

Welcome people to the Labor Party
An unrepresentative swill.
Distortions, untruths, exaggerations,
Leading our great nation downhill.

The fish rots from the head, they say
And the decay quickly heads south,
And Kevin Rudd can't help but lie
Every time he opens his mouth.

His lies and spin caught up with him
And his popularity quickly slumped
To honest folk he became toxic
And he was unceremoniously dumped!

But Rudd refused to heed the lesson
And be honest with what he'd say
He continues to play loose with the truth
Right up to this very day.

On the night of the recent election
As he gloated in his narrow win
His smugness shone through as usual
Much to my chagrin.

Rudd spoke of a small swing against him
"Between one and two percent"
When in fact the swing was 9.2
Again Rudd tries to misrepresent.

Rudd went on to mention, straight faced,
The "one percent swing suffered by the Libs"
Another lie, a blatant untruth,
A man habitually telling fibs.

In fact the Libs gained 2.5%
As the leaking Rudd slipped 9.2
He's as big a liar as Gillard & Swan
Labor liars; they're nothing new.

All through the election campaign
We were subjected to distortions & spin,
The dishonest corrupt ALP
Will say "whatever it takes" to win.

Article outlining Rudd's lies here:

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