Monday, August 23, 2010

On the Edge

The result of the election is on a knifes edge
Every vote a potential decider
Like a suicidal jumper teetered on the ledge
Each decision has repercussions much wider

Our fate seems to rest in the hands of 3 men
Independents, men of strong stature
Though many people have never heard of them
We are all enveloped in this rapture

14 million Australians casting their votes
In hope of a better Australia
And despite the hope democracy promotes
In this case it’s been an abject failure

The incumbent government copped its right whack
Losing 15 seats in one bloody night
Despite the Labor Party being put on the rack
Neither party can rule in their own right

So with massive swings against the ALP
The people rejecting their ineptitude
Nobody could imagine or even foresee
That essentially we’re all being screwed

The people have clearly rejected this mob
Sick of the incompetence and waste
The Governor General must do her job
And kick them out of office, post haste

Unless a compromise is reached with Windsor & Co
And they saddle up with the Coalition
We’re doomed to 3 more years of quid quo pro
And complete economic abolition

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