Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dogs Eats Their Own Sh!t!

Hawke hates Keating, and Bob can't stand Paul
It's fascinating to witness this bitter public brawl
While Gough's indisposed in an old person's home
The infirm Labor Party continues to eat it's own

Gillard knifes Rudd, Kevin can't stand Jules
Who on earth would vote for this pack of fools?
Latham can't stand Rudd, and Kevin hates Mark
The contrast between Liberal & Labor could not be more stark

One is a party determined to pull itself apart
The other is a party with unity at it's heart
One party has a leader with blood on her hands
And a culture of hatred which nobody understands

One has a record of great economic prosperity
The other backflips often with great dexterity
So when it comes to casting your vote on August 21st
Don't re-elect this rabble to which we've been cursed

Labor is full of bitterness and vitriol
Whose only concern is next week's Newspoll
If the current leader isn't delivering good polling
In come the assassins to get the heads rolling

A history of in-fighting and old bitter feuds
Ex-leaders, ex-PM's & their public bad moods
So while Bob, Paul, Julia & Kevin may deny it
In the Labor Party, these dogs eat their own sh!t!

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