Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Ghosts of Past Masters

August 2nd, 2010

I buried that dagger deep in his back
He's gone forever, he ain't coming back
I'm sure he's in hell, not pergatory or heaven
We've definitely seen the last of Kevin07

Just like the disaster that was Mark Latham
These ghosts from the past, I really do hate them
Please let's move on, that story's been told
Swept under the carpet, with Medicare Gold

I'm PM now and we're changing tack
We're 'Moving Forward', we ain't looking back
The Latham/Rudd years were unmitigated disasters
But that'll all change now I killed off both masters

I'll waltz into office with a mandate for change
The deckchairs on the Titanic I'll quickly rearrange
Make a deal with the miner's and half-baked solutions
To stop the boats and stop the Carbon 'pollution'

It's all going swimmingly, the polls say it's working
But reality hits home, the voters see that I'm shirking
Shallow motherhood statements and cynical quick fixes
Just more bad policy, deceptive elixirs

The polls begin to take a downward trend
Then the ghosts of the past start to ascend
Internal leaks and divisions appear
Familiar voices in my head I'm starting to hear

I'm hearing strange voices, a headache does thud
In one ear it's Latham, in the other it's Rudd
Two men I supported, then stabbed in the back
Now they're out to get me, a bilateral attack

Latham's enjoying kicking Rudd while he's down
Ensuring Labor disunity is the talk of the town
And Rudd's feeding stories to Attila the Hun
Any inroads I'd made have been quickly undone

Labor disunity once again exposed
All the ghosts from the past juxtaposed
If it's not Keating & Hawke trading verbal insults
It's Latham & Rudd exposing character faults

It's little wonder people are leaving Labor in droves
This vindictive behaviour is what it behoves
This all goes to show we're just disloyal fakes
Hell bent on doing 'Whatever it Takes'

So as I lie awake at night restless in bed
With Hawke, Keating, Latham & Rudd in my head
The reality hits home I'm not worthy of this job
Australians deserves better than my incompetent mob

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