Friday, July 30, 2010


31st July, 2010

There once was man from Brissie,
Who did nothing whilst trying to look busy,
When the factions were asked,
They threw him out on his arse,
He didn’t see that coming, did he?!

The people realised this man Kevin Rudd,
Was nothing more than a vacuous dud,
Full of self-congratulation,
Seeking constant adulation,
His policies and ideas were just crud.

So while Rudd tried to remain firm,
He had a way of making people squirm,
With his stupid cheesy grin,
And policies paper thin,
He was gone in less than one awful term.

Rudd was knifed in the back by ‘Big Red’
She decided she'd be PM instead
So with the aid of the factions
She quickly swung into action
Before you knew it it was “off with his head”

So JG became the unelected PM,
She rang the faceless men to sincerely thank them,
But now she’s suffering in the polls
It seems her head will soon roll
And to the scrap heap Labor will be condemned!


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