Wednesday, July 7, 2010

“Let’s do the Back Flip again” by Julia Gillard

“It’s the Shocking Horror Gillard Show”
8th July 2010

It's confounding, I am cheating
Madness in the polls
Don’t listen too closely, for very much longer
I've slowly lost control

I’m enjoying doing the Back Flip
Changing dud policies
The back bench disown me with the left loudly calling
Let's do the Back Flip again...
Let's do the Back Flip again!

It's just a jump to the left
And then a lurch to the right
With a purse of the lips
Just try to seem contrite
But it's the blatant lies that really drive you insane,
Let's do the Back Flip again!

More bad dreaming, bad policy free me
No rational reason, another bad call
With a pending election, must sway the voter’s intention
As per Garrett, just change it all
With one hell of a back flip
Hoping for a quick poll blip
And nothing will ever be the same
I’m spinning out this great nation, another abberation
Let's do the Back Flip again!

Well I was looking at the polls and I needed a drink
Another failed policy, what will the voters think?
I shook things up, I took Rudd by surprise
Stabbed him in the back as I looked him in the eyes
He stared at me with hatred quite deranged
Lies mean nothing, look at what I gained!
Let's do the Back Flip again!

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