Tuesday, July 6, 2010


July 7th 2010

Only 2 weeks into the job and Julia performs yet another policy back flip.
She’s proving to be Stuart McGill to Rudd’s Shane Warne; both master spinners!

First the mining tax, now border protection.

I know we said we’d “turn boats back”,
But the bleeding hearts gave us flak.
Another policy back flip most bizarre,
‘Twas a nice try, but no cigar!

So yet again we bluff the voters,
We’re the champion self-promoters.
The policy fixes so well planned,
Are policies drafted by our own hand.

We try to make people believe,
Yet once again Labor deceive.
We make a problem, then digress,
“How great are we? We fixed that mess”!

Will my lame solution protect our border?
Will this cynical effort fix the disorder?
There was no problem when we came to power,
Now boats are arriving by the hour.

So for all the muck I threw at Howard
I’ve proven myself to be a coward.
“Pass the buck” is my resolution,
I’ve come up with my own ‘unspecific’ solution!

Seems I have the media in the palm of my hand,
They’re lapping up my deceit at my command,
The secret to my success? I’m happy to share it:
Create a problem then repair it!

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