Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Head Wobbler

July 30th, 2010

My name is Wayne Swan, and you’re taking your chances
By having me in charge of Australia’s finances
My old Nambour mate Kevin appointed me to the role
Now just 3 years later I’ve created a huge black hole

When I took on the job we were billions in the black
Now we’re billions in debt, please cut me some slack
When it comes to balancing the books I have no understanding
And I had no idea this job would be so demanding

My simple goal when I came into the Treasurers position
Was to give absolutely no ammunition to the opposition
To keep the budget in surplus and avoid another Labor recession
As such I spent billions and billions with limited discretion

So now we’re billions in debt and the budget is screwed
And Labor’s reputation as economic vandals has been renewed
I’m exposed as a fraud, which was the sum of all my fears
And to pay off my debt will take at least 20 years

I mumble, I’ll fumble, and I love to lecture the Libs
With my head wobbling madly as I spew out the fibs
My record has proven with the truth I am loose
And reality kicks in that I’m no Swan, I’m a goose!

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