Wednesday, July 28, 2010


29th July, 2010

I won’t be discussing Cabinet deliberations
Unless it’s causing me personal complications
First I’ll blame the Libs for spreading such lies
Then admit the ‘smears’ are true: what a surprise!

I’ll then invent lame excuses explaining my actions
Talk about my past, my life: more inane distractions.
Such blasphemy is just too damaging to mention
Despite admitting I rejected a rise in the pension.

Those ‘old buggars’ vote Liberal, let them eat cake,
Now the truth has been leaked, it was quite a mistake
So listen to my pleads of economic responsibility
And watch me backflip and spin; such amazing agility!

As for paid parental leave, what would I know?
Parenting obviously is simply not my go,
I’ll dismiss my actions as being ‘fiscally judicious’
And hope like hell you believe my excuses capricious.

I’m clasping at straws as my credibility falls
And the billions I blew on Pink Batts & School Halls
Is further evidence of my inability to supervise
So please just ignore the facts and accept my lies!


  1. Hi, I read your stuff on Andrew Bolt's weblog.

    Always amusing and accurate. I love it and thank you for doing it!

  2. Hi Fiona,
    Thanks! I appreciate you leaving a message and I'm glad you like my poems!