Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

July 9th 2010

Julia ponders her first 2 weeks in power as she powders her nose in front of the mirror...

Nobody told me it’d be this hard,
Maybe I’ve pulled the wrong card?
It’s tough this job, I’m all alone,
Somebody get Kevin on the phone!

I need to ask him what to do,
I must act fast or it’ll be ‘adieu’.
I thought it’d be as simple as more spinning,
To ensure the election’s mine for the winning.

Being 2IC is a piece of cake,
Nobody can spot you as a fake.
But when it’s up to me to lead the way,
I must be careful what I say.

So when I say East Timor is my grand solution,
For boat people distribution,
I probably should’ve checked the validity,
Now I’ve been exposed for my stupidity.

Seems this latest moronic thought bubble
Has landed me in a touch of trouble.
I’ll refer to the ‘K Rudd’ book of obfuscation,
To save face in light of this aberration.

Motherhood statements aren’t good enough,
The critics see through it, they’re getting tough.
Glib and vague may have worked for some,
But now I'm 'Dumber' to Kevin's 'Dumb'!

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