Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Child’s Wish.

With magical powers I enthral the crowd,
“Please make a wish, don’t say it out loud”.
I will grant one wish to one lucky person,
Designed to ensure their fate won’t worsen.

So who will it be? Whose wish will be granted?
I will choose very carefully who’ll be enchanted.
A child it will be, one of innocent mind,
Such purity and wisdom beautifully intertwined.

Close your eyes child, and repeat your desire,
Try to ignore my ecclesiastical attire.
Hold my hand now and concentrate hard,
Consider me your Praetorian guard.

Keep repeating your wish inside your mind,
When you open your eyes you’ll be delighted to find
Your wish has come true, your desire assumed,
Your soul will be saved, you’re no longer doomed.

Make it a wish which will secure your future,
And heal your wounds better than a surgeon’s suture.
Here is your chance child to remove all your fears,
And make better the world for the next hundred years.

Feel my energy child, as it flows through to you.
I feel it, it’s done, your wish will now come true.
Stand up now child and say out loud to your neighbour,
What is your wish: “Please.... No more Labor”.

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