Friday, July 23, 2010

The Great Facade

July 24th 2010

Something most bizarre happened today
I stopped and listened to what she’d say
I removed my bias and freed my mind
Intrigued to discover what I might find

There she stood, her hair ablaze
The clatter of cameras did not phase
I eagerly awaited this important exchange
As she divulged her plans on Climate Change

Despite my ‘denial’ of the so-called science
I was a perfect picture of idle compliance
I was willing to listen for her grand solution
To tackle the emission, the evil pollution

The great unwashed with placards disrupted
She remained unmoved, not interrupted
Her grand plan was about to be unveiled
She wouldn’t allow this moment to be derailed

At last she’d fix this environmental crime
The great “moral challenge” of our lifetime
But as her words come out I became delirious
A ‘Citizens Assembly’? She cannot be serious?

Once again it was Labor exercising mind control
Like ‘Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol’*
She’s done nothing to appease the Greens despair
And all she’s given us is more hot air (CO2?!)

As the facade ends she allows herself one smug grin
Once again the punters have been sucked in
The ALP spin-machine is just playing politics
It's all about the headline, the lame quick fix

So as the sun goes down and it darkens tonight
The dumbed-down masses will all sleep tight
When the truth be known they just don’t realise
It’s dark because the wool’s been pulled over their eyes!


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