Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gillard phones Rudd

Gillard phones Rudd from her desk in the PM’s office a few weeks after deposing him:
July 4th, 2010

“Mr. Rudd, I have the PM on the line, will you accept the call”?
“So the bitch decides to phone me after engineering my fall”!?
“Ms Gillard’s on the line right now, awaiting your acceptance”
“Yeah, put the backstabber through, I’ve got a few questions”.

“Kevin Rudd speaking, what the hell do you want Julia”?
“When I insisted I was your loyal deputy, I really did fool ya”!
“You knifed me in the back, you destroyed my high ambitions”.
“With you as PM, the only high hopes were the coalitions”.

“I know I had a bad run there, a few things went off track”.
“A few? It was disastrous mate, we just had to change tack”.
“Ok, forget it, let’s move on, let’s not rake over old coals”.
“But I must say I miss my old office, with my hands on the controls”.

I’m sitting at your old desk right now, and there’s something I need to ask”.
"Fire away Jules, what have you got? I’m ready for any task”
“I’m looking forward to joining your ministry, getting back into the caper”.

“Actually Kevin I was calling to ask...where do you keep the Liquid Paper”?

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  1. It's Gilbert without Sullivan. Or was it Sullivan who wrote the words?