Saturday, July 3, 2010

6 Questions

Please feel free to post your thoughts, your answers, feedback and suggestions,
To the following list of 6 thought-provoking, probing and serious questions.

Question One;
Are we being too hard, not giving sufficient regard, to Rudd and judging him harshly?
Picking on him, for inane policy whims, his grandstanding, his ideas so ghastly,
His symbolic crap, his ear-wax eating snack, his lip-licking lizard impersonation,
Or should we give him a chance, soften our stance, for a fair crack at leading our nation?

Question Two;
Is Rudd really so naïve, as to think we believe, all the bullshit and spin he conveys?
How else could you explain, the excruciating pain, he inflicts on us every day,
The apology joke, carbon emissions up in smoke, ‘working families’ screwed by the hour,
The 2020 summit pain in the arse, the alco-pop farce, and Kyoto: he’s intoxicated by power!

Question Three:
Is Gillard, the hack, keen to have a crack, planning a coup behind Kevin’s back?
Is she rallying the numbers, keeping count of Rudd’s blunders, and ready to go on the attack?
If she brought Rudd to his knees, everyone would be pleased, they’d say she’s one of the greats,
If she did that she’d manage, to refute the old adage: “If you’ve got red hair, you’ve got no mates!”

Question Four:
Does K-Rudd have bigger and better plans for himself? Is he pitching for a U.N position?
With his posturing smile, and his frequent-flier miles, is Australia too small for his vision?
He’s so keen on Asia, doesn’t it amaze ya, that he treats our problems and issues as minor,
As he travels the world, will his real plan unfurl: the first Australian President of China?

Question Five:

How long can this last, this incredible farce, as we watch our great country come undone?
To think this man of inflection, won a general election; how could Australians have been so dumb?
And with each day in time, in search of another headline, he makes decisions that must be withstood,
As we sadly remember, that before 2007 November, Australians never had it so good.

Question Six;
Finally my friends, as this questionnaire ends, my final question for you all to answer:
What did we do to deserve Rudd, the man is such a dud, infecting us all with his cancer?
So it looks like we’re stuck, with this maniac shmuck, until the voters next have their word,
So I leave you with this prose, and as the old saying goes, you can try but “you can’t polish a turd”!

1 comment:

  1. Art, O Art. You're just too ephing smart.
    Your rhyming skills truly amaze.
    Rudd is a dudd and the Joool is a ghoul
    And I can't think of a funny line to finish with.