Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Week in the Life of the Worst Government in Australia’s History

Sunday ‘Rudd calls the tune’
Sunday’s papers headlines scream a story brewing as most sinister,
The deposed PM, Kevin Rudd, insists “I’ll be Foreign Minister”.
Rudd’s pulled the knives from his back and has focussed on his own ambition,
But the irony is that in 6 weeks, Rudd may well be the Leader of the Opposition!

Monday ‘Everything old is Nauru again’
On Monday Gillard looks for a new narrative, this time Border Protection,
But she’s stuffed up again and is deflecting questions caused by East Timor’s rejection.
Her thought bubble has been popped, her ‘negotiations’ have proven untrue,
Too proud, too stupid, too pig headed, to negotiate with Nauru.

Tuesday ‘Endless Conversations’
By Tuesday any remaining shine has gone, the honeymoon diminished,
And any remaining credibility is completely finished.
She speaks of having “conversations” but it’s incompetence she’s displaying,
She can babble on all she likes, but nobody believes a word she’s saying!

Wednesday ‘Swan’s Black Hole’
By Wednesday it’s time for deputy PM, the incompetent Wayne Swan,
To again remove any lingering doubt that he has any clue what’s going on!
For weeks he said he wouldn’t budge on the 40% threshold of the RSPT,
But a $7.5 Billion back down still has the head-wobbler saying ‘how clever are we’?!

Thursday ‘No Jokes from Laurie Oakes’
“Rightio” says Julia, “I’ll regain the initiative with a National Press Club speech,
I’ll get up there and talk about what Australia needs, oh how I love to preach.
Hold on a sec, is that Laurie Oakes? He seems to have an agitated demeanour,
Old Laurie will never forgive me for knifing Rudd, his mate, his former house cleaner”.

Friday ‘Evans above, it’s killing us’
Just as Julia thinks it can’t get worse, and is looking to regain fading credibility,
Another big-mouthed Minister shoots from the lip, and causes more instability.
An angry Evans says it’s “killing us”, but it’s not people smugglers making him irate,
The reason for his anger is because “he’s lost control of the debate”.

Saturday ‘Look Forward to Election Day’
“For just how long can we continue this facade? No more mistakes we can afford,
We’ve left a trail of destruction in just 3 years, don’t look back, just look forward”.
So the Australian public can now make a decision to terminate this farce,
And we can all “look forward” to August 21st, when Labor gets kicked out on their arse!

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