Saturday, August 7, 2010

10 reasons why....

The first reason I want Labor to come crashing with a thud:
To rid us of the neurotic narcissist Kevin Rudd.

The next reason is because Labor is a horrible choice:
And we must be spared from Julia's annoying voice.

Number 3, we must recover from this economic pain:
And be saved from the incompetent goose Wayne.

4th, we're assured of a financial future less flimsy:
Thank goodness for the retirement of incompetent Lindsay.

The fifth reason is to rid us of a government that's sleazy:
All the lies & mistruths from guys like Albanese.

Next we must be spared from policies and beliefs wrong:
Like Climate Change 'crap' and the arrogant Penny Wong.

Number 7 reason is the waste and failed policies again:
Such as Conroy and his wastful & uncosted NBN.

8th reason is Labor Ministers, repeat the mantra like a parrot:
Like the man who bet his soul and lost, the once talented Peter Garrett.

The ninth reason is to rid us of divisive Labor factions:
That lumbered us with morons like Shorten, Crean and Macklin.

Finally, and I feel most strongly about this one in particular:
I'm sick of the condescending smugness of Plibersek & Nicola.

10 reasons to consider, so please don't cast your vote in haste:
Consider the broken promises, the in-fighting, debt and waste.

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