Saturday, March 19, 2011


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Watch your back Julia
The faceless men are coming
They want to have a word to you
About conduct unbecoming

Remember back to June last year
When you betrayed your leader?
At first it was a great relief
Now they’re saying “we don’t need her”

Because you’ve proven to be just as bad
Even worse if that is feasible
All we ask for is some honesty
And decision making sound & reasonable

Remember in the early days
When you had goodwill in spades
But now what’s that stabbing pain you feel?
It’s a knife between your shoulder blades

Because you’ve proven to be a poor PM
With no grasp of what’s required
Now you find yourself in a shitfight
And the public’s sick and tired

The faceless men aren’t happy Jules
They’re absolutely dirty
At your weak insipid leadership
And a primary vote of 30

For years Howard gave us the leadership
That’s required for our great nation
But with your lies and spin, it seems you’ve been
To the Rudd school of obfuscation

The polls are on a downward slide
You’re leading Labor to oblivion
Even rusted on lefties are angry at you
The pain and angst that you’ve been givin’ ‘em

Endless waste and spending sprees
Have typified your time in power
And now in order to repay your debt
You’re borrowing $4 million per hour*

With an absolute economic illiterate
In charge of treasury
You, Rudd & Swan should be rounded up
And charged with treachery

The list of gripes against you Jules
Is too long to mention in this verse
Debt, NBN, the boat people
Your time in power has been a curse

The budget’s blown, all surplus gone
No cash left in the bank
And for the mess we now find ourselves in
It’s you that we must thank

So watch your back Julia
It won’t be long now til they call
And for this little black duck so sick of lies
It’ll be a delight to watch you fall

The faceless men rally the troops
They’re counting votes methinks
But you could change leaders every other week
It’s brand ‘Labor’ which bloody stinks

It stinks because the Australian public
Is sick of the constant spin and lies
So open the door, let the faceless men in
So they can cut you down to size

* “You’re borrowing $4 million per hour” = $100 million a day

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