Saturday, March 5, 2011


I’m desperately trying to make sense
Of Barrie Cassidy’s warped view of Australia
His ‘Insiders’ Labor love fest is so sickening
The program’s more like a bacchanalia

A drunken revelry of leftist love
This useless government can do no wrong
They all hold hands and sing Julia’s praises
“Kumbaya” is their favourite song

The only tough questions ever asked
Are of hapless coalition members
The panel thinks all the mismanagement and waste
Is something nobody remembers

Piers & Bolt are sole voices of reason
Amongst the Labor love-in jury
Their logical and balanced point of view
Serves to only induce rage & fury

Gerard & Glenn also speak logically
Not afraid to question Labor’s faults
And while Brian sits firmly on the fence
The rest of the panel needs smelling salts

Lenore and Denis just cannot understand
Why Labor has just 30% primary vote
And Marr and Farr will say just about anything
To keep the Labor dream afloat

Crabb and Coorey will bag the Liberals
Given the slightest opportunity
And Mischa and Megalogenis are adamant
That Labor deserves sympathy and impunity

Laura and Fran seem most perplexed
As to why Kevin Rudd was fired
Sorry folks to have to tell you
The light on the hill has been expired

It’s astounding Cassidy never questions
Why the nation is in such disarray
And continues to only question
What the coalition has to say

So whilst our nation continues to fracture
Under this most incompetent Labor governance
Cassidy’s presents an ‘Insiders’ point of view
Without the slightest critical utterance

He gives this useless Government a free pass
With the majority support of his hand-picked panel
Sorry ABC, but to get my laughs on a Sunday morning
I’m switching to the Disney Channel


  1. I must say today's 'Insiders' was much more balanced. Might be that Andrew Bolt was on the show, providing some common sense in the fight against the pack mentality of Correy, Marr & Co.
    Well done Andrew!

  2. I might add: I've had a few emails asking about the picture above of Barrie Cassidy and the 'mystery blonde'. It's laura Tingle, staring into a crystal ball with an apparition of Krudd appearing.