Friday, April 1, 2011


Part 2.

The tale of a woman who sold her soul and wants her money back!

The chronicle of a man on his life’s journey to the top.

The story of a divisive and dysfunctional political party caught in between.

The fable of 3 disjointed gunslingers whose true loyalties are brought into question.

Through the door bursts a man in red speedos
His hairy chest bursting with pride
“If you want to be rid of this shemozzle
Vote with the conservative side”

“We won’t saddle up to the extremists
We won’t make sly pacts with the nuts
We’ll give you strong and decisive plans
And lead with conviction and guts”

Tony’s his name and he’s dedicated his life
To the betterment of those who are struggling
And he’s made a tough stance against bludgers
And rorts and waste and people smuggling

A man of true character and honour
Some say he’s to honest for his own good
Since when has honesty been a weakness?
That’s something I’ve never quite understood

As Gillard changes tack like the wind blows
Her personna directed by the latest poll
She muses and muddles and alters herself
While Tony displays poise and control

The vixen can take it no longer
The voices in her head drive her insane
She decides to pick fights with the Coalition
And the Greens who cause her much pain

So the 3 adversaries enter the ring
This unholy trinity must end once and for all
Let the public put an end to this farce
Get ready for a messy and bloody brawl

Labor goes hard with their typical tactics
Of lies and sleeze and false accusations
It’s nothing for them to kill their own
So much infighting and assassinations

The Greens struggle to fight the big boys
All their rhetoric quickly falls flat
Bob Brown bounces off the ropes a couple of times
But very quickly he falls flat on his back

But the ‘T’ Man remains strong and resolute
And calmly handles all that is thrown his way
And soon he has Gillard prostrate on the canvas
He body slams her and has this to say:

“You’re out for the count you 2 phoneys
We win! The public has had their say”
As Tony stands tall in his budgie smugglers
His ‘shit eating’ grin proudly on display!

The first aiders carry Julia & Bob away
As Tony waves to his adoring fans
The crowd is relieved that the nonsense is over
And Australia is back in safe hands.

"His shit eating grin proudly on display"

Part 3 here:

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