Thursday, April 14, 2011


We always knew they were halfwits
But now they’ve removed all doubt
When they said “100%”
Their estimation was 50% out!

“Every cent raised will go to families
By way of compensation”
But such talk has quickly proved nonsense
More A.L.P. obfuscation

I saw Greg Combet on my TV
Saying all money would be returned
But he lied through his teeth to all of us
You’d think by now we’d have learned

That Labor and honesty aren’t compatible
They go together like water and oil
And as more lies and stuff ups are exposed
The Labor façade continues to uncoil

And then there was the angry ant,
The snarling Simon Crean
When he said “all money” would compensate
There was no doubt what he did mean

But he too misled by 50 per cent
And more evidence is mounting
That Combet and Crean both graduated
From the 'Wayne Swan School of Counting'

Because Swanny’s the economic genius
Who can’t count past ten without removing his pants
He’s giving advice on economic matters?
Why would anyone take that chance?

Swanny’s completely stuffed the budget
Huge deficit and massive debt
So they’re trying to bring in another new tax
And that’s not the half of it yet

Because ‘all money’ won’t be returned
Only half will assist rising prices
These dickheads can’t count and they lie to you
And you’re left to your own devices

A dishonest bunch of crooks
Treating the public with a dismissive laugh
So whenever they give you a number
Make sure you divide it by half…

............... BUT WAIT ...............

...If you divide a number by half
It’s the same as multiplying it by two
And that folks is the way Labor
Goes about misleading you…..

Andrew Bolt's article here:


  1. Thanks Arthur. Love your work.

  2. Enjoy your work Arthur.

    You should compile and publish and submit it to the ABC's first tuesday's book club for review for a bit of a stir.