Sunday, April 10, 2011


A Contrast in Styles

John Wayne, tough guy
Stick a needle in his eye
Gun fighter, big drinker
Bar fighter, deep thinker

Gunslinger, tough talker
Bullet proof, fire walker
Jaw puncher, law breaker
Fire breather, rule maker

Horse rider, horse rustler
Card shark, grog hustler
Fist fighter, womaniser
Enemies none the wiser

A man’s man, a true leader,
Wise speaker, gospel reader
In the thick of it, in the shit
The epitome of True Grit

Wayne Swan, inept
Can’t grasp a concept
Talks crap, wobbling head
Took us deep into the red

Money waster, dud leader
Budget wrecker, trough feeder
Unqualified, undignified
Failed at everything he tried

Disloyal, self protective
Inefficient, ineffective
No clue of economics
Learnt his trade in comics

Destroyer, denier
Dishonest, born liar
‘John’ Wayne Swan, idiot
The epitome of a True Git

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