Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Bill Shorten on 7.30, what a funny bloke
I really enjoyed his side-splitting joke
His straight face defied his jocularity
And may explain his latent popularity

A politician with humour is a genuine novelty
This guy is a very talented at dry wit & comedy
He delivered his punchline without a trace of a snigger
Which made the brilliance of his gag even bigger

He said a few funny things many and various
But one joke in particularly was exquisitely hilarious!
It still make me giggle, it still gives me shivers
He said “This government under promises and over delivers”

Did he really say “Under promise and over deliver”?!
About this useless mob which has sold us down the river
They continue to treat us as if we’re all stupid
Whilst their record in government has been putrid

They say a good laugh is a perfect remedy
And Shorten is now the ‘King of Comedy’
His humour appeals to the ordinary folk
And his entire government is an ordinary joke!

How can he get away with such a blatant furphy?
This guy is even funnier than Eddie Murphy
I laughed out loud and punched the air
And I fair dinkum nearly fell off my chair!

The 'Comedy' Channel here:

Shorten's actual joke:
"I think our party is a very strong party. I think the way this Labor Party does well is by under-promising and over delivering".
Champagne comedy!

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