Sunday, December 19, 2010


2010 has been a most incredible year
Particularly in the Australian political sphere
A sitting PM was thrown out on his ear
And an election delivered a result most unclear

A first-term government lost 16 seats
The most unique and humiliating of historical feats
But they somehow managed to offset the defeats
By offering 2 independents untold treats

A 5.4% swing against the Labor rules
Was not enough to convince those 2 fools
Even young children in primary schools
Could see the voters had no desire for Jules

But Gillard got the nod from the 2 independents
As the duo revelled in their own ascendance
Despite the conservative leanings of their electorate
They were a party to this deceptive protectorate

So we’re stuck with this mob of unlimited incompetence
Who’ve shattered stability, destroyed people’s confidence
Wasted billions of dollars on inane and bad schemes
Fiscal rectitude? They wouldn’t even know what it means

Now as our standard of living slips into arrears
After Labor’s been in power for just over 3 years
We cast our minds back to the prosperous Howard years
And realise this government is the sum of all fears

We’ve now got $174 billion in escalating debt
And so many failed policies, who could forget?
Border security weakened to appease bleeding hearts
The number of people in detention is off the charts* *(refer diagram below)

This government has lots of blood on its hands
As many an Australian ruefully understands
Insulation installers electrocuted in roofs
200+ boat people drowned, unspeakable proofs

Grocery Choice, Fuel Watch, the BER rorts
ETS, NBN: wasteful bubbles of thoughts
Water reform, Mining Tax, the ‘Education Revolution’
Child Care, Super Clinics, so much inane convolution

So many of their ‘reforms’ remain up in the air
Unfulfilled promises, a Government in disrepair
We continue to suffer at the hands of their doctrinaire
And many ordinary Australians have a feeling of despair

We started the year with a verbose & useless Prime Minister
Who was killed off by faceless men and a deputy sinister
She assumed the top job by backstabbing Rudd
But has proven to be an even more incompetent dud

She has a surprising inability to lead with conviction
And rules a party riddled with contradiction
It’s not too much of a stretch to make this prediction;
The faceless men will soon plan her crucifixion

So as the tumultuous 2010 soon ends
I want to say to Andrew Bolt and his blog friends
Maintain the passion, and act without fear
And hope the coalition is in power by the end of next year

A safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
To you and your loved ones, best wishes sincere
Thanks for all your support this year throughout
This is Arthur McArthur: over and out!

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