Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(Wiki) Leaking on Rudd

Political careers experience troughs & peaks
As friends & foes examine one’s techniques
Depending on the height of office one seeks
MP’s must now be cautious of ‘WikiLeaks’

Julian Assange and his global team of sleuths
Freedom fighters, some oldies, some youths
Are determined to reveal secret truths
To inform us as we line up at polling booths

Top secrets exposed by whistle blowing
Politicians & diplomats caught out, unknowing
Weaknesses and doubts suddenly showing
Amongst reports which once were glowing

As more and more secrets are leaked
More arcanum exposed by the week
We can expect another Rudd fit of pique
As he’s described as a “bungling control freak”

Rudd’s “significant blunders” should worry you
As should his blatant disrespect of George W
He’s tragically failed his diplomatic peer review
And his exposure as a dud is long overdue

I hope ‘WikiLeaks’ leads to Rudd being destroyed
To witness that I would be overjoyed
It’d be a pleasure one couldn’t avoid
To see the dangerous egomaniac unemployed

For a man who craves constant validation
The biggest narcissist in our great nation
Rudd will call for Assange’s immediate castration
Whilst Gillard should demand Rudd’s resignation

Australians knew Rudd has personality disorders
But now the secret’s not confined to our borders
And Rudd’s drowning in unchartered waters
Exposed globally by the Wiki marauders

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