Wednesday, December 15, 2010


There are bodies afloat at Christmas Island
More lives lost due to inane Labor policy
Don’t make it political, even though it’s political
Such excuses are just myth and fallacy

There’s a smashed up boat at Christmas Island
Three metre waves drowning people’s powers
“The Prime Minister’s cut short her holiday”
But she went missing for the next 24 hours

There’s blood on the hands of our Government
Which changed perfectly legitimate laws
Flotsam and Jetsam line the coastline out there
But it doesn’t cover up Labor policy flaws

There’s a fool named David Marr on the TV
Blaming this tragedy on the Navy rescue fleet
But if Labor hadn’t weakened our borders
We wouldn’t have to listen to his lies and deceit

It’s not 'Happy Christmas' at Christmas Island
Santa Claus won’t be visiting the tragic kids
A government with no control or credibility
Has put our once-great country on the skids

There are many angry people around this country
Angry at Gillard’s reckless policy behaviour
Playing politics with innocent people’s lives
She’s a disgrace to all of Australia

There’s blood on the rocks at Christmas Island
Women, men and children have drowned
Don’t make it political, even though it’s political
Or the lefties will shout you down

There’s a hypocrite in the office of Prime Minister
Calling for “bipartisan support” to get her out of the shit
But it’s her policy which is responsible for this tragic event
And she must immediately quit

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