Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A Prime Minister with absolutely no idea
Making our quality of life quickly disappear
Instead of leading this country with strength & vision
She’s bogged down with inertia and indecision

A Treasurer lacking any rational clue
He clearly has no idea what he should do
Wasting taxpayers money on inane schemes
You couldn’t make this stuff up in your wildest dreams

A deputy Treasurer with an unfulfilled ambition
He’ll stop at nothing to be the top Politician
He’ll knife anyone and everyone who gets in his way
First Rudd, next Gillard: it’s Groundhog Day!

A Foreign Minister with a chip on his shoulder
His hatred and anger a slow-burning smoulder
Travelling at will all over the globe
As the throbbing increases in his temporal lobe

A Health Minister who loves to speak like a tramp
You could list her achievements on a postage stamp
Over 3 years in the job and despite lots to say
She’s done nothing with hospitals in the true Labor way

A Finance Minister with an arrogant streak
Failed with the ETS and copped much deserved critique
But like all Labor MP’s she plays the spin game
Good at avoiding scrutiny and deflecting the blame

The big bald rock star remains on the front bench
But he’s badly tainted, emitting a foul smoke-filled stench
Now Minister for Schools, his survival does astound
Let’s hope he doesn’t burn the school halls to the ground

How did we end up with this inept crew?
What is it about Labor Governments and Déjà vu?
Waste, infighting, corruption and fiddling the books
When will voters wake up to these useless crooks?

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