Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Labor Debt Machine Needs Feeding!

The Genesis of The Mining Super Profits Tax:
12th June, 2010

“Kevin, it’s Wayne. We’re in bloody big trouble.
The budget deficit: it’s blown out, it’s double.
I’ve got a budget to deliver, with a gaping big hole,
$57B in the red, spending out of control”.

“Get a grip Swanny, I tell you what mate,
You might think this is easy, but it bloody well ain’t.
We’ve got to cover up all the billions we’ve blown,
For Christ’s sakes man, get Henry on the phone”.

“Ken Henry speaking, treasurer of Australia”,
‘Swanny here Ken, amongst your paraphernalia,
Would you have a scheme, factual or fiction,
That could balance the books, curb our spending addiction’?

“I never thought you’d ask, I’ve got the perfect solution,
It’ll raise lots of cash, save the world, stop pollution,
With this plan in place our budget problem it will combat,
And I can retire and save the hairy nosed wombat”.

“What’s the plan Ken? Please tell me, I’m desperate,
And Ruddy’s apoplectic, he’s angry, upset”
‘Worry not Wayne, this plan is absolutely perfect,
The goose that lays the golden eggs: it’s time to collect’.

“We’ll tax those greedy miners; they’re making a motza,
They already pay high taxes, this’ll be a huge ‘gotcha’”,
‘Have you thought this through Ken? It’s bound to cause trouble’.
“Frankly, not really...it’s just another thought bubble”.

‘Well, we’re up to our necks in deficit and debt,
This will reap billions, it’s the best solution we can get.
I’ll stick it in the budget, it’ll help balance the books,
And appease the media, and the unions, the crooks.’

“Worry not that the mining industry has saved us from recession,
That they employ thousands of people, a thriving profession,
We’re up to our necks, this is what we must do,
Because we’re Labor, we’re useless, and we don’t have a clue”.

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