Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Blame Game

4th November, 2009

As Kevin Rudd loudly boasted his new claim,
He proudly said he'd put an end to the blame game,
I was one of many doubting Thomas's,
With Rudd's long list of shallow promises,
ALP governments; they're all the same.

Rudd's use of language was like an anesthetic,
Acronyms and catchphrases littered his rhetoric,
CPRS, Silver Bullets, Low-Hanging Fruit,
Trying to look important and sound astute,
But when all is said and done, he's been pathetic.

The 'education revolution' is costing us a bomb,
Broadband internet is turning out all wrong,
There's so many big promises they're not keeping,
And if you're having trouble sleeping,
Just spend 5 minutes listening to Rudd, Gillard and Wong.

Beneath the veneer is a typically inept ALP,
As vacuous and shallow as any you will see,
None of us should be surprised,
At their growing list of lies,
And our grandkids will pay for this spending spree.

Like all Labor Governments they've made a meal
Of everything they've touched, it's quite surreal,
Not in anyone's wildest dreams,
Did we think we'd so quickly witness these scenes,
Don't put incompetent drivers behind the wheel.

So struggling workers lie awake in a cold sweat,
And a massive budget blow out is now a certain bet,
As his leadership begins to unwind,
The only thing he'll leave behind,
Is broken promises, unemployment and huge debt.

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