Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Private Thoughts of Kevin Rudd

As genuine as a 4 leaf clover

10th June 2010

The facade’s been exposed, the charade is over,
My credibility’s as realistic as a 4 leaf clover.

Too many lies, and far too much waste,
Thought bubbles implemented with undue haste.

Incompetence, cover ups, a media circus,
Grab a headline each day, that’s been my sole purpose.

Details can come later, it’s all about the headline,
A matter of popularity , not Labor’s, just mine.

And as my world turns to mud, when I was once on a roll,
No factions, no friends, it was just me and Newspoll.

But support has crumbled, too many backflips & errors,
And the budget balance sheet is full of terrors.

I’m finished, it’s over, washed up after 3 years,
As a Rudd-ALP government was the sum of all of your fears.

Do I abdicate, resign, get sacked or fight through?
Is Julia going to be PM as I bid you adieu?

Or do I go to the election and ride my luck...
Judging by the latest Newspoll, you guys don’t give a f@%k!

I’ve been exposed as a liar, incompetent, deranged,
All because 12 thousand idealistic morons voted for “change”

I’ve turned a thriving economy into a basket case,
So I’m off to Scores to get off my face!

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