Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tony Abbott, PM., summons Ken Henry

(Photo of Rudd & Henry in happier times)
Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia, enacts his first decision upon winning the election:
A glimpse of the future perhaps?!

19th June, 2010

Ken Henry, come in, what a battle I’ve fought!
I’m the PM now, who would’ve thought?
Sadly for you Ken, you backed the wrong horse,
And you and Rudd took our country way off course.

You forgot you’re a public servant, not an MP,
Became a political spokesman, it was plain to see,
You were Rudd’s lap dog, he was your puppeteer,
So let’s drink a toast: can I get you a beer?

Let’s salute your career as the Head of Treasury,
And consider for a moment the feeling of misery,
You’ve instilled on our country, many billions of debt,
And the inflation genie which is now a huge threat.

You blew it Ken, you’re an abject failure,
You’ve ruined the economic viability of Australia,
Your irrational thoughts and stupid ideas,
Now you and Rudd can give thought to your future careers.

You’re sacked mate, finished, washed up, you’re gone,
On the scrapheap with your mates Rudd & Swan,
The 3 of you shmucks, along with Gillard & Tanner,
Screwed up everything in sight in an incompetent manner.

Close the door on your way out Ken, you arrogant man,
With your double-breasted suits, your ridiculous plans,
You’ve destroyed the economy, you self-important oppressor,
Hurry along now, I have a meeting with your successor.

Now Henry’s gone and is off to his local Centrelink,
I can restore the economy and bring us back from the brink.
“He’s here”? Send him in, here he is, hello,
The new Head of Treasury, Peter Costello.

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