Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kevin Rudd: I blew it
7th June 2010

It started so well, it began with a bang,
K-Rudd & Jules and the rest of our gang,
We promised changes, we spoke of a plan,
November 2007 was when it all began.

We stormed into Canberra, were swept into power,
Nothing was sweeter, but now it’s gone sour,
Not even 3 years later and all goodwill is shattered,
We lost control of the country when it most mattered.

We said sorry, held a summit, but searched for a narrative,
To define ourselves was an absolute imperative,
We’d been handed the country in tip-top condition,
But we became a victim of my narcissistic ambition.

The GFC gave me the perfect excuse,
To open Treasury coffers to Labor abuse,
And the ‘kitchen cabinet’ agreed it was time to go spending,
We were delusional enough to think it’d be a happy ending.

This would define us, get us out of the woods,
But it’s obvious we weren’t capable of delivering the goods,
Incompetence and waste, mismanagement galore,
And our strong public approval soon hit the floor.

It was all great in theory, sounded good at the time,
Now it’s scary, it’s eerie, it’s an absolute crime,
Billions of dollars wasted, houses gone up in smoke,
The level of incompetence is beyond a joke.

Illegal boat entries as I’ve weakened our borders,
The ‘BER’ debacle, a cash cow for rorters.
Our house of cards crumbled, the shattered perceptions,
So many backflips, so many lies and deceptions.

It was all undermined by one glaring fact:
We have no idea, we’re incompetent hacks.
Now we’re billions in debt, and with my senses on leave,
There’s one last trick I’ve got up my sleeve.

I’ll slug more tax on miners, to cover up all the debt,
Good thinking Swanny, this is your best bad plan yet.
And we’ll spend $38M telling everyone how clever we are,
More reckless spending, no bridge is too far.

But those confounded opinion polls continue to inform us,
That kindergarten children could easily outperform us.
All good will is gone, the ‘good old days’ we all yearn,
Labor Government incompetence: when will people learn?

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